Introduction of Zhoushan pilot

Zhoushan Pilot

SERVICE AREA: The Ningbo-Zhoushan port is a jointed port which consists of Ningbo port and Zhoushan port.

Zhoushan pilot provides service for Zhoushan area which includes Luhuashan, Majishan, Qushan, Shulanghu, Daishan, Changbai, Jintang, Cezi, Laotangshan, Aoshan, Liuheng islands so on and surrouded waters.

    For the main pilot boarding positions, view the attached diagrams.

    Someones are the same as Ningbo pilot's.

WORKING TIME: 24 hours service except loaded tanks which normally in daytime.

ARRANGE A PILOT: Ship can apply for a pilot through local agent, the information of pilot boarding time and boarding position (latitude & longitude) is from the agent.

CONTACT PILOT: Contact channel: Ch16, Ch74, but not keep 24 hours watch.

                                  Normally, about 1 hour before boarding, the pilot will call the ship to confirm

                                  which side to rig the pilot ladder. At that time, the ship also can call Zhoushan

                                  pilot to confirm.

DUTY PHONE (24 hours): 86-13957226877



Main boarding positions of Zhoushan pilot



Main boarding positions of the middle and southern part of Zhoushan port



Cargo berths and shipyards of the northern part of zhoushan port



Cargo berths and shipyards of the middle and southern part of zhoushan port



Board positions (latitude and longitude) list



Mazhi quarantine anchorage



Liuheng shipyard`s anchorage



VHF channel of NingboZhoushan VTS



Outside of the Xiazhimen channel



No anchoring zone of outside of the Xiazhimen channel



Proceeding to the Xiazhimen channel and outbound



Proceeding to the Tiaozhoumen channel and outbound



Chinese charts



Big pilotboats



Small pilotboats



Pilotboat`s berth



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